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Yule Without Precious Flowers

Yule Without My Precious Flowers
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Yesterday - my heart cried
My spirit ripped - though I tried
To hold myself together
But the pain remembered

For the first time
In nine years of our lives
I will not celebrate with you
This time to renew
This season of giving -
Of loving

No presents will I wrap
No ribbons, nor magick to stack
Beneath our Yule tree
For you two from me

No hot cocoa; nor warm hugs
No kisses; no gifts given with love
No ooo's or ahs for the surprise
Nor pretty colored flashing lights

Just this ravine filled with pain
Sobs and tears falling like rain
Yours' and my memories alive
Our hearts aching deep inside

My babies I do send
This prayer to bless
With comfort to console
And to hope that ye may know

That not a moment goes by
In my day; my life
That I do not miss your presence
That I do not sense your essence

From the bottom of my soul
I long to watch you grow
I crave being your mommy
Kissing; holding you two to me

Tucking you in at night
Reading a story to your delight
Experiencing every triumph and joy
Drying your tears; fixing your toys

Teaching you all I can
So that on your feet you land
When life and love let you down
And your pretty smiles frown

Our hearts will soon be
Together again - we three
As a family - I forever your friend
Until our journey has reached its end

I love and miss you
My Precious Flowers

Yule without My Precious Flowers

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