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Beauty to Revere

Beauty to Revere
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Backwards to anyone normal; that they can see
Even to those who are on the same blank page with me
Allow for dispositions of the intentionally blind
Unique until they capitulate with their confused mind
Touching without their spirit’s essence
Yearns for kindred souls to be present.

Tormenting all who stand in their way
Of filling the part that love once played

Reverence for the beatific and divine
Enchanting as it collectively aligns
Variables logically classified with knowledge innate
Exacting just enough to mix, stir, blend and consummate
Root, stem, leaf and flower as cohesive solid energy
Eternity; colorful rainbow in many dimensions of divinity.

Alas, Beauty to Revere...



Author's Note:  An acrostic inspired by: You have nothing to fear... the beauty of everything to revere

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