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Death of Three

Death of Three
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It was a cold day in October with frost on the ground,
As life came plowing in; knocking me upside down.

‘Twas almost a year to this very date
My ex-husband and I ended as mates.
The voice on the phone telling me he had passed
Left me feeling empty and crying at last.

One week later another call came through
Ex-boyfriend Connelly was number two.
This time I felt anger and betrayed
My face growing red with shame.

Then in three more days time
The call came through at nine
That my father was on a morphine drip
And his life was beginning to slip …

At 12:13 p.m. my grandmother called me again
To inform me that this time my Dad was dead.
Three deaths in less than a month’s time
Three men I loved and hated in kind.

Not once, but often I wished all three dead
Their abuse and cruelty they gave instead
Of returning the love I trusted to them.
And now they were gone, all three men.

Two were born on the same day
So much alike hurting me the same.
Betraying and bringing to me dishonor
To harm my psyche though one a teacher.

Now as I look back and wish
For them peace as I did then.
I wonder was the pain healed,
Was this really the very end?

I can remember and share
My time spent in their hell.
But no longer does my heart
Break with anger as I yell.

Three I wished death to come upon
Three died and my life went on
Was it fair for me; myself to blame
The words had left my lips in pain.

They tried to take that
Which they could never have,
Breaking my spirit was
Not meant for their wrath.

But one who passed to me
The knowledge of truth.
Even though he tried to
Remain vindictive and aloof.

So that I could see between the lines
Of social injustice, and ahead of my time.

Once again I wish for all three
Quiet peace in heart and serenity.

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