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Money Cannot Be Eaten

Money Cannot Be Eaten
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Mendacious men of god directed by the elite puppet strings
Ominous to the extreme with the power of the high king
Namely the organizations that run the almighty machine
Emptying the coffers of the peoples to obscenely demean
You and I as compliant slaves to their kingdom's regime.

Continuously leave our lakes, rivers and streams disheveled.
Adding their toxic bi-products to our water tables at all levels
Not caring about the pharmaceutical industries waste to vacate
Not caring about the combination of chemicals we intake
Operating 'under the radar' to keep their secrets safe and sound
Tilting the balance of Eco systems of the globe to surround

Beast, bird, human alike with their toxins that kill all
Entering an era of extinction as they are amused at the fall

Every species will suffer, for they really just want to watch it burn
Anticipating escape in their technological domes their only concern.
To date, forty percent of earth's waters are undrinkable, un-fishable, un-swimmable
Exceptional disregard for these industrial sink holes has been inconceivable
NOW we need to step up to the plate, stop this abomination before it accumulates.


Inspiration for  poem:

"Only after the Last Tree has been cut down,
Only after the Last River has been poisoned,
Only after the Last Fish has been caught,
Only then will you find that
Money Cannot Be Eaten."

Cree Indian Prophesy

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