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Silver Dragon of Sapphires

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Silver Dragon of Sapphires
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Summer is the festival.
Inviting fertility of infinity
Loving freely through each moment.
Vivacious and luxurious
enthralling with sensuality
Render forth a fruitful harvest.

Drinking wine and making merry
renewing the earth’s energy.
Auras glowing and blending
greeting other dragons of the faery,
often times joining with life mates
nurturing offspring as seasons satiate

optimal perception
for conception.

Saturation of the flowing fields
anticipation in quartered wheels,
Purple, indigo, and azure gems
pulsate blinding light of blue
hues and shades flicker anew.
Intricate patterns weave in rhythm
reverberating to operatic precision,
energy abundant for prosperity.
Summer is the Dragon festival.

So says the Silver Dragon of Sapphires...

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