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War of Stars



From the deep blue sky
Ten thousand veils fly
A star’s tale is true, though not new
Hosts of demons that you slew

As a Dragon of Cobalt Blue
In an azure sky
Inner strength and sight
Prophetic dreams in minute detail
Of Ancient lands in misty tales

Veils ten thousand from indigo sky
Fields of wild flowers then decide
As petaled hands reach out and cry
‘Come now sister; let us fly-
                                  Don’t ask why’

In the darkest of black nights
One thousand veils filled with light
‘Tis as the warrior that she will smite
Observes the battlefield bathed in white.

Blue Fire rising three feet high
Protection with a rebel cry
On the morning, stars come to war
Sealed in a kiss as elements of four

The gathering has come to close
Three by three in magick arose
Sister MoonChild there is truth for thee
Listen with thy spirit – So mote it be!

Inspired by:  Tomorrow When the War Began 

War of Stars
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