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As I Await the Quickening (G)
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My ruling planet of Mother Moon
In my heart strikes up in tune

Melodies that are divine to hear
Symphonies that tickle the ear.

As the tides of the waters rise
Emotions race through lows and highs

When finally, I release my tears
falling over bolders of painful years..

Filling the deserts dry sands
Flooding with fire and demands.

Laughing, I think logically to extreme
Then giggle as feelings join this team.

One plus one always equals two
Unbeknownst to me, variables continue.

They are lashing out in boisterous voices
Singing in discord limiting choices;

of yesterday's future; tomorrow's past
Balance and direction in complete contrast.

As another's pretenses are easy lies
and this spirit of light slowly dies

one pure thought, one moment at a time
Like the leaves that fall from the vine.

As I await the Quickening...


As I Await the Quickening

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