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Closer to the Heart of Creation

Closer to the Heart of Creation
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Closer than I ever thought I would be to another human being
Listening to your heart beat, head on your chest, thoughts become fleeting
Orchestrating my rhythm to yours engulfed in your warmth
Searching for reasons why we feel amazingly transformed
Every time we are together for a moment that is never enough
Resplendent we remain in every sense of the word below and above.

Transcendental as if by accident we crash into a dimension
Otherworldly and mystical,  almost surreal in accession

Temporal though it is in a natural state of awareness
Harmonic to the soul as we try with difficulty to harness
Each and every instance of Nirvana that we create in earnest

However it always escapes our grasp and gets away
Enticing us to begin our dance again without delay
Articulation of our emotions becomes incoherent
Reverberate our intensity until in a torrent
Together we release, climax erupts simultaneously

Oblivious of everything; seeing us harmoniously
Frantically feverish in need of each other.

Consummating our deepest instincts to discover
Resilience in our life, as if we were born again
Excited as children exploring our own domain
Anticipating our next moment to rendezvous
Talking and laughing relaxed as we were hitherto
In complete abandonment without inhibitions
Openness is genuine without conditions
Nurturing our once in a lifetime to completion

Closer to the Heart of Creation

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