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Bed of Thorns

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Bed of Thorns
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The clichés drum upon my skull
Pounding pulse
Of rapid heart beat.

“Choices of today
Limit Opportunities of Tomorrow”
As once again I fall to defeat.

Though another directs the puppet strings,
‘‘Twas I who decided to wear the rings.”

“Thy bed
Thee have made,
Now ye lie upon It

And of thorns it be"...

Ripping to shreds thy spirit
As cold tear drops fall free.

'Tis the price ye pay for thy needs
The walls close in upon thy seeds,

Attempting to strangle all new growth
Blocking the green of leaf
From light and dark,


Stretch as far as ye can reach
And when ye feel ye can NO more,

Bend a little then go for breach
To take that last inch for thy door.

Once ye have grasped thy portal
At its very edge,
Forget that thou art mortal.

Pull with empathic
Humane strength

From deep within
Thine own entire length.

Ignore thy bruises,
Wounds and searing pain,
They will only
keep thee to remain

Prisoner to their ruthless hold.
Physical needs will grow thee old.

Ye know that thy spirit
Is of light and energy

Capable of the shift,

The change,

To this Blight,
This Lethargy.

Into thy ally or weapon of deceit
To conquer thy next foe of conceit.

Choose as thee know of
And for thine own right,

Chanting high thy Wyrd
Deep into the night.

Upon this path ye must
As ye sense & seek,

Yet appears to be hollow
And cannot be seen.

As the power of blue
Will reveal unto you,

This dimension of thy Maiden of Nine
A glimpse of Her Laws--fragile fine.

With what ye know to define
Clearly drawn the narrow line.

Cross it,
Leave behind what ye
think ye need,

For earthbound
Choke ye will
On the weed.

As it devours and consumes thy soul
That which ye have done, begun to sew

For ye do and always will come to reap
Thy earned rewards ‘tis what ye keep.

Upon this path of freedom and integrity
Dues to pay for a life of liberty.

All life forces
Large and small,

From astronomical to microscopic
In the three of nine; one and all ...

Survive by instinct,
Innate logic.

Ye See,
Ye Do,
Ye Receive.

All ye do in folds of three.

As Ye Have,
As Ye Shall,
As Ye Do.

Bring harm to none
Would it be unto you.

Then Ye Shall,
Walk the Walk,
Talk the Talk,

And Live,
To Give ...

Unconditional love as only ‘tis it true
For the warmth that dwells

Within the Light of Blue...

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