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Blue Fire Ember

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Blue Fire Ember (G)
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Long ago she gave up hope
Of ever forgetting
The loss and agony endured.

Her soul was sealed
With bitter tears,
A barrier from evil assured.

A shard of intuition
Was the only relic
Her bedraggled heart obscured.

From prying eyes
Until she could love again
And her aching breast was cured.

When a blue spark would ignite
Intense passion, Love aflame
And brilliant love once more assured.

Yes, this is how it was.
She needs only love.
For all else is naught,
but a whisper sought.
Pure love creates--
Magick and initiates
what it takes to;
bring forth the Light of Blue.

He sends her love.
And passion wrought
With devoted word and purest thought.
Each phrase a flint
Illuminating magick in the glint
So the heart can better view,
Her infinite Light of Blue.

And though she wishes to receive
this love so pure; she must leave
for into her life was too much pain
for her to accept him and remain.

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