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Choices of Knowledge
Choices of Knowledge (G)
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Life changing, erratic choices
Conflicting chaotic voices
Are forever invading internal space
Drawing in opposites at a quickened pace.

Crossing in the deep, rapid waters
Of ancestral mothers and fathers,
Piercing its depths with my sacred staff
Many forks to forge upon my path.

For I may not veer left nor right
Walking within the blue of light,
Though the well beaten trails do tempt me so
Directions are chosen by what I know.

My own innate needs
Brings me to my knees,
At weaker times
The final lines …

Are drawn, cutting deep onto my soul
Carving patterns above and below.

Ground is covered as truth I seek
Spirit feeling threadbare and weak,
Trust is heartless and ice cold
Betrayal builds strength I’m told.

As I travel through dimensions of storms
Blue lightening in my own vision forms
A warrior of justice manifests the reactions
In the balance and catalyst of the actions.

Journey or Destination?
My thoughts ringing in questions …

Through my mind
Will I find
My holy grail,
Or will I fail?

Within, Without, and When?
This plane of journeys ends?

The blue dragon has learned

to use her magick wings.

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