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To Change the World

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To Change the World
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Too many people in the
World today,
Allow themselves to be
Led astray.

If you believe you are
Really all forgiven
For mean, ill intent in all
Manners of perversion,

Are ruled by the lust
For gold and power,
Rethink your values
Grow your own flower.

From seedling, to sprout,
To complete bloom
With rich soil, fresh water
Light from the moon.

Grow into the mother
Spreading her seeds,
Peacefully die for your
Own progeny’s needs.

Complete balance with
The cycles of creation
Innocence, pure intent
Without transgression.

This is the lesson of
Unconditional love within
For all things full of
Life force; not foreign.

All life composed
In Gaea’s symphony
Of earth, air, fire, and
Water in polarity.

Balanced on the
Precipice of time
While in death;
Reborn to arrive,

At thine own destination
Of global evolution.
To be at peace without~
Attain peace within
What it is really about.

To Change the World.

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