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A Saturday Afternoon

A Saturday at Play
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A ball, big and blue
Between Aspasia, Aricia and me
Resembles the Earth in hue
Our planet spinning orbit free.

Seeking relief from the sun
The swimming pool our source to cool
We frolic and laugh having fun
My daughters are precious jewels.

Sweetness overflows
With their innocent cries.
Their beauty glows
As they play and improvise.

Making up their world as they see it,
Imaginations fresh and clear,
Wild and free are they in spirit
Sharp as a tack, they show no fear.

Magickal in everything they do and say,
My precious jewels glitter in the light.
Vivaciously lovely in every way,
Even when they argue and fight.

A day of play
On a Saturday

For me and my
Precious Flowers ...

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