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A Shadow of the Sun
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Absolution is not what I seek asking forgiveness from you,

Seditiously, I defied your request and broke my own word too.
However, it was not to bring upon your spirit any harm at all
as I could not do this with ill intent, I never meant for you to fall.
Decisions were made for me; I was unable to object their actions
oblivious to their rhyme, reason or to their maniacal motivations.
Wish I could take it all back, and find a way to make you smile again

Opaque light obscures the Sun as the Moon eclipses your heart my friend.
Naiad are the winding rivers, the lakes and the oceans in brilliance at high tide

Theatrical my emotions, a soul that longs for affection to collide
hither to and from between love, joy and bliss of the most divine
eternally enraptured with your essence that compliments mine.

Slowly determined, I beg your forgiveness so we may dance
under the shadow of the Moon, come on honey, take a chance!
Namaste is the greeting that brings me in a bow, our eyes stayed…

In the Shadow of the Sun

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