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All Night Long

All Night Long
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Shaman of the deep light
I dream of thee often
Late into the dark night
I feel ye deep within

Then ye send…

Thy sensual spirit to mate
With mine; to receive in kind
My hunger only ye can satiate
Ye have from beginning of time.

Ye take me deep.
Ye take me hard.
My lust ye keep
My spark ye start.

Inner embers ye stir and stroke
My fires; sinking thy length
Within my folds as I soak
Thy vajra; then with strength

Thine eyes ravage my psyche
As my yoni ye divide
With thy width; rhythmically
Delve immersed inside …

I begin to crest the electric waves
Release is profound with intensity
As I peak; ye switch honey caves
No hesitation; take me with velocity

Pushing thy entire length as aloud I cry
In pain that turns to extreme pleasure
As ye slowly pull out; then with thy
Phallus ye ram thyself full measure.

Thy jewels are slapping my clit
As I feel them swell with desire
Again slow out; then hard ye hit
All the way in ye take me higher.

I can no longer control
My spasms as I flood
Our bed below; all I know
Is that ye are in my blood

Ye take me some where I’ve never gone
All night long ye please me.
I knowing nothing but thy heat till dawn
Ah Shaman, ye set me free …

I love you my lusty Shaman
feeling your spirit sync with mine
In life before I your woman
with each passing minute more sublime
DragonBlue of BlueFireRain
The Priestess of the Deep Light

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