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After the Combustion
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Pages illuminate the abysm of the universe
A rebel of the dark moor, then claims ownership with a curse
Reptiles feed on the rake of mix lodged between the marches of time
Crass meltdown of the reactor in the reaction to inner rhyme.

Interlinking beams of light, ride the highways of the galaxy
As I try to find balance, peace, some kind of serenity.
I never quite get the groove, that cryptic dance
As love comes and goes with such sporadic chance

Telling myself aloud; as I feel so disoriented and confused
“It will be all right, baby, all you need to do; continue to refuse,
Those thieves of the soul and your inner spark
Betwixt and between ~ dawns will settle dark.”

Spaces of this now, and the next passing minute
So that twilight will bring calmness; you’re NOT NUTS!

Mother Earth, with all five elements in syncopated time~
Dancing~ Prancing~
To their own beat with perfection harmonized rhythm and rhyme.

Stick to the path that has guided thee thus far
Make your wish on the next full moon’s falling star,
Because blessings will guarantee the universe will unfold as it must
Taking its sweet time to unwind what you need to bring about the dust

Of Taz in a whirlwind skating across the terrain
Know eternally in your heart that peace will remain…

Will ~ Your Will ~ To Will!

There you have it,
Now there it is,
And so it goes

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