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She is the High Priestess of the Deep Light
From the world of the immortal by birth right.

Descending into the sea for cleansing of Her soul
Before entering to defeat the castles betrothed.

As She has before, She will return to the serpents coil
In ecstasy She will triumph over evil that has soiled

The very essence of what once was sacred and divine
Chanting the Warrior’s Wyrd in rhythm and in rhyme.

As Woman She will conquer them without lifting a hand
In violence or anger as those She defeats, She will command,

With the inner light of the Goddess Herself, with the God
In His bright carriage of the eternal sun and the sacred rod,

That spews forth the blue light of Zeus in electricity.
Engulfing all who oppose them in complete ecstasy

Of the divine power from the moon and the sun.
Earth will receive the greatest gift of emotion

In logical aspects that humans comprehend.
As in circular time their minds finally begin

To evolve and develop to their full potential,
For the greater good of all in finite detail.

The time has come
To receive full sum

All ye have done or sought
In dreams of pure thought

Thy intent will be thy reward earned
As all ye have given will be returned.





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