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Dragon of Diamonds
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The dragon of the diamond’s lair
As ancient as the jewels are rare
Many a human have left their bones
To be bejeweled with these precious stones

In a futile attempt
To take this treasure from where ‘tis kept
In the Dragon’s Lair of great wealth
Ferociously guarded with powerful stealth

She lays sentry to the vibrations –
Instinctively she nests
At the natural crossroads-
Yet awake as she rests.

Speaking numerous languages fluently
Possessing the power to magickally
Within her own mists; invariably, invisibly cloak
A force to be reckoned with when provoked

Ye are only able to befriend this entity
Congruent companion – mentor of abundancy
If ye are Pure in Truth of Heart and Mind
Of and for the fourth dimension as is all her kind

She is a Spirit of Blue Light and Energy
She is the Dragon of Diamonds
Symbol of Prosperity!

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