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And as these people are close to you
are you enraptured by their laughter, their cheer?
Or is this just a memory before into
the mountains you had to move and disappear?
Is that an eternity or is it really
light years that the distance is measured?

I have been told many times in memory, poetry, and dreams too:

"Look to the land as high above yet cold below,
as by its familiar winters peaks and ye will know,
the way to which ye are to continue thy sacred path,
as the world turns and spins with chaos en masse.
Only when the silence whispers through the air,
and the musick and poetry of the Keltoi clear,
will ye reach that which ye seek, and must find...
yet for now must not be seen, in heart nor mind."

These are the words spoken to me,
to give to me pause in this reality.
Yet you speak of it as if it is yesterday
and you have already left on your way

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