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Dreams of Dragon Blue

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I feel thee through the sheer mist
Dragon Blue our aura’s kiss

My soul to yours
With elements four

One we become
Beats of a drum

Only through the Dragon Speak
Comprehension will I reach

Thy voice is high
We become I

Thy tone is true
No longer two

Only with purest of magick
As the most powerfully potent

May ye interpret this song
Through words to belong

Partially reveal
To learn and instill

Unlock thy Wyrd to humanity
Unconditional love is one key

Divine pleasures are shared in streams
Filtered of two to one between

High voltage energy
Rhythm in counts of three

The sun is the moon
Water at high noon

Fires are the ice
Crystals are the tides

Choose thy Athame
With fierce loyalty

Thy home; thy hearth
Gifts of heart, of earth

Ye must determine
Through evaluation

Where and what home means
Before this riddle will be seen

Then must ye match it
With thy inner magick

Sequence willed exact
Synchronized; elastic

Discord is Between
Balanced Harmony

Then ye shall receive
The answer that ye seek

Once ye obtain the note
Swirl in rainbows moat

Through desert dreams ye will find
Self centers, connects the line

Spherical within quartered wheel
Send forth the light of cold blue steel

Gaea’s forces are to ground
Chanting thy Wyrd very loud

See with thy
spirit’s eyes

Listen to hear
with thy heart’s ear

Soon all fits together again, for only then
Shall thy own journey on this quest, end

Winter brings birth
New paths of worth

Look to the tallest peak of snow
In lands above yet high below

This journey ye shall lead with honor in truth
So ‘tis the message in dreams of Dragon Blue

Dreams of DragonBlue
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