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female you're born
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How can one bring another life into this reality?
Yours is a past of abuse, not childhood serenity.

As, since you were five, they call you lying whore
And no one believes you’ve done settled the score.

Those who claim to serve and protect
State you are not worthy of their respect.

They say you’re still worthless slave and wanton slut.
Though you have never been so; the doors slam shut.

As you were robbed of innocence and decency
So will this be the fate of your own prodigy.

For the chain of abuse remains unbroken in this life for you;
As daughter, wife or mother; the bruises remain black and blue.

The scars no one sees for they’re part of your psyche
They say you’re to blame as depressed and half crazy.

Why you’re not normal and never were apart of the plan
Of this fucked up world created by and for the ego of man.

This is their explanation when justice you’re denied
And your civil rights violated as they continue to hide

Behind a coat of lies and deceit
Because you refuse to compete

In their game of chance that has a loaded deck
“You are here to serve us, and don’t you forget.

Remember your place bitch, or pay for it.
We’re going to rape and break your spirit.

You were made for us to abuse,
Degrade and are here for us to use.

As we call you foul names
You deserve to feel the shame.

We have the right by our Lord, God above;
You’re a whore, bitch and not worthy of His love.”

So why did you believe against all evidence
That you could break the chain of circumstance?

The life you are placed on this earth to endure
Never to know freedom or peace but to ensure;

That almighty man is your master and lord
The abuse you earned as female you’re born.

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