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Envy is the Ulcer of the Soul
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Eliminating species by our careless disregard
Never concerned as we leave behind our scars
Various pockets of emptiness we ignore
Youthful destruction of all that lay at our shore.

Intricate designs and patterns with natural laws
Systematically by interpretation of Oz.

This earth will provide in abundance
Hither to with eternity’s dance.
Each of us learning to take a chance~

Understanding in acknowledgement of a destiny
Lit by the power and glow of blue to infinity.
Counter balance Polaris all aspects of living
Entering and exiting our allotted time of giving.
Render forth all you have so there is enough for all ...

Order the chaos before we stop turning and fall.
Forget the physical addictions that make us crawl

Through desolation, that buries a part of the soul
Handing over honor and integrity as the toll.
Enter, cross over the threshold of empowerment ...

Seditiously confront those who choose enslavement
Of our freedom, liberty and personal choice.
Uphold your own decisions with confident voice.
Lose “Self” in the cosmos, perfect love and perfect trust.

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