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Paler Shades of Gray
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I sometimes feel so alone and I feel very old
and sometimes I feel as if I have been bought and sold.
Stranded on this planet~ this intricate story is told;
Two thousand, three hundred and nineteen years, my soul unfolds.

I am weary of the long and constant fight
For survival in the midst of this blue light
Giving all I have and am with all my might
for rewards and consequences of insight.

My spirit on fire with Goddess given song
That reflects outward from within my eyes that long
To behold my equal, indigo flame that is strong
enough to put to rights all of that which is now wrong.

Many kindred spirits I’ve met aplenty on this path of due.
Honor, integrity and justice I am sworn to continue
To lead others with a code by example as DragonBlue;
Raining tear drops that fall, filling oceans, mine own answers few

To these profound questions and these quests I know.
Several rivers have I forged, progress is slow,
as friendships that I keep close, hurt me deeply, when we part and must go
On this winding path to walk alone and seem to go against the flow~

Move beyond our own heart in linear time
Learning and teaching with others of like mind.
Sometimes they amaze me and internally I find
We really do dance our own beat in rhythm and rhyme.

At other times I am very disappointed in their lack
of compassion as they place burden upon another’s back
Twisting the truth without admitting that
They innately really do know the facts…

It saddens me to see our planet abused
Like She’s a disobedient wife and used
For all that She provides in abundance then accused
of anger, fury and hate that is coldly infused

with the dark evil that the predator actually creates
in greed for power; an appetite they cannot satiate.
No matter how much they pillage and then rape
the goodness of what is given they viciously take

and take some more; until all is barren and spent.
The mountains, the trees, the animals they are bent
on killing and destroying until life forces are bereft
ensuring the extinction of the light and energy sent

here to thrive; and learn lessons of the material plane,
Humans completely absorb what it is to be humane.
Only the light and energy can truly understand and claim
for if it is doused and drown, all life will cease to remain

in this universe of the third dimension
that cycles in circular syncopation
keeping all precariously balanced into formation
of colonizing the green earth; and born of the gestation

dying and death, living and life; then reborn
in black, then white, and blue white, before the storm
of creation that orders chaos in the crisp early mourn.
As all is in perfect harmony, not the ending to form

but at the new beginning as it approaches a completion
on equal terms, NOT a bloody rendition of competition
nor an everlasting, changing, continual revolution;
but one great love, as humans in infancy reach an evolution

that spirals upward beatifically to ascend
on to a spiritual plane of a world to mend
and heal all that has been harmed then to send
unconditional love that will contend …

as once again,
will find subtle
ways to survive!

… and so …

There you have it~
Now there it is~
An even flow~
And So It Goes…

I pray to the Goddess and the God for understanding 

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