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Paradise by the Dashboard Light
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Pixie by design, you really turned me on
Alchemy of our chemistry pentagon
Requiem of our freedom and youth
Anticipation ruler of this truth
Dancing us both to a foregone conclusion
Illustrate the rushing moments in confusion
Seducing me into this happy promise
Enticing me to vow with a sexy kiss

Because you always get your own way
You stole my life with what I must say

To complete you and I, in a loving lust
Hero of the moment I knew I must
Enter into an agreement foolhardy to say the least

Denying you this pledge I would receive no release
Aching I was to have you, to feel myself deep inside
Still I wanted time to think about what it meant to you
Happy, you say for the rest of your life, and be true
Breaking my word was a thing I could not do
Our bodies so close, out the door caution flew
Answer to your oath, I swear on my mother’s grave
Reason not an option, as I needed what I craved
Delighting in your response I gave my word

Living with you until the end of time is absurd
Impatient for time to end, for that is what you said
Happy for the rest of your life, now blurry in my head
Goodbye is what I need, desperate to end our affair
Taunting me through the years, for ‘tis what I did declare.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light?

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