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Spectrum of colors sew
Dragon spirit rainbows

Orange tired scrolls - thy wyrd
As red as the double-edged sword

Arrow is yellow for intent
The forest green she invents

Oak tree leaves
In the breeze

Contrasts baby blue sky
Answering questions why

In deep indigo
Magick runes show

For scarlet are her eyes
Rose in color when she cries

Surprise brings a gentle peach
With golden green together reach

To see thee through turquoise
Flight perfect is she in poise


The Strong

Ice Crystal

Thy Song

Magnetically charged
Awareness at large

Druidic murals
Beyond the whistle

Wings vibrate fires
Waters of many desires

Cauldrons nurture
Children’s futures

So we craft our next place
In our volatile race

Between time
And tomorrows climb

So Sings the Songs


The Dragon of Spirit


Author's Note:  

The above poem is a spiritual journey that I have been prompted by my muse, a Dragon of Cobalt Blue to pen and share with all who will read or listen.

Before you begin to read, close your eyes, clear your mind of all mundane input and thoughts; put on some soothing music, light some lavender incense and prepare to meet the Dragon of Spirit. Learn her song, her colors, her 'dragon speak'...



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