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The Black Crow – A Petition to Call

The Black Crow - Petition to Call
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I call upon thee the crow, the jackdaw, the raven, the rook,
Blessing shadows as thee add thy magick to my sacred book.
Thine energy in conjunction with the lightning of life in power,
Predict as seer to release this knowledge, opening like a flower.

Show me how to create thy tools of the darkest divine.
As the Haida myth gives truth to thy Wyrd as most sublime;
Ye provide protection, the designer of humankind,
Yet ye art the trickster to fool those of the simple mind.

All black upon only blue white light ye may appear,
And as white of feather as the Miwok have ye here;
Steeling the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and the ocean too,
The band of fire lighting thy way thy love of due.

Show to me Hugin of thought and Munin of memory,
As to Odin, ye were eyes and ears of inner harmony. 
Alas Badb and Morrígan in Irish mythology tells,
Of your presence always in famous battles of the Bard’s tales.

Please gift to me thy many charms and vigor of intensity,
As ye release that which I seek in folds of serendipity.
As I light the fourth and final candle of this invocation,
Be it ye that alight upon my shoulder of thy incantation.

Allowing me as thy student to learn thy wisdom
Given throughout history in complete precision.
All thy diverse aspects seen by the Seers Bard’s to sing,
Copious levels of perception in this magick ring.

I ask for thy energy, thy courage and guidance a request,
The thoughts and memories of thy species as ye come to rest.
Blessed by thy numerous reflections in electric blue light,
Of cogency in multiple, three by three this turbulent night.

So I will! 
So it shall! 
So Mote it be! 
By the  
Dominance in
Counts of three.

Author's Note:

True crows have long been viewed as very intelligent by humans (as seen in Aesop's fable of The Crow and the Pitcher) and they often score very highly on animal intelligence tests, some species even top the avian IQ scale, per the Wikipedia. Crows in the northwestern U.S. Show modest linguistic capabilities and the ability to relay information over great distances, live in complex, hierarchical societies involving hundreds of individuals with various "occupations."

Through myths and legends I have borrowed scenes from; The Creator or Grandfather Raven by Bill Reid. A story from Queen Charlotte Islands of how the Raven helped to bring Sun, Moon, Stars, Water & Fire to the world, from the Miwok mythology. From Germanic or Norse paganism the story of Odin with his eyes and ears of the two crows. From the Celtic legends, the story of Badb and Morrigan as well the Welsh Bran the Blessed who was depicted as the a giant and King of the Britons in a tale known as the Second Branch of the Mabinogi.

Our histories no matter the continent or region are full of stories of the Crow, the Raven and how this creature relates to our own destiny.

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