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Created in Our Image
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Naked without thought of disguising a treacherous lair

oviparous as only one to bring forth and to bear

elevating itself above the rest of our close clan

eliminating any impediment to withstand


anchored amongst us, we the sad inferior

distorted in its sense of being superior

neutralizing conviction

tainting our free volition

introverts our sense of direction

wanting to witness our resurrection


We Are


Nominal species of the moment in the future

Denoted by a category as singular

Lewd and vile; as much despicable

Travesty and at once, predictable


God –created in our image


Leering about and awaiting the dead

establishing himself as our godhead

loitering and antsy about what he had done

yanking upon his own chain to add the total sum

Alluring us with half-truths and illusions

trusting our subconscious—in loud percussion

orbiting our minds with dogma and deep confusion

unappeased; nor pacified with our constitution

whispering nonsense loud enough to cause dissent

hailing to us from within as if from afar and bent

iniquity to the nth degree

learning about us so easily

Created in Our Image

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