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Compassion She Lacks

Compassion She Lacks
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Aerial hunting of wolves and bears
For money militia who don’t care
That ALL life is sacred and is a part
Of the cosmic wheel of time; end to start.

Global warming caused by industrial typhoons
Those in power expecting “The Rapture” real soon.
Fossil fuel and our dependency is naught but greed
Plastics manufacture is launching to take the lead.

Endangered species are serious issues
Causing havoc and turmoil when we refuse
To protect that which humans continue to kill
Fear of everything, no control of our will.

Drilling and raping Mother Earth of her life force
Dumping toxins in our waters without remorse
Imbalance with chaos will bring anarchy and death
To humanity and ravage all in an isopreth.

Ms. Palin uses our hard earned tax dollars to fill
Her coffers with kick-backs from an assassin’s drill
She is a virus that needs a cure, immediately to stop
Her genocide of all life on earth and logical thought.

Let’s turn her loose in the woods she attacks
And see if she will gain the compassion she lacks.

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