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First Things First

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First Things First
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From the bottom of my birth~
to the top of my death~
Wheel and quarters~
Come around to first.

Then back home to test...

Three within...

Three within...

Focusing on the Rede~

Yes - I do believe
that I have seen this door before.
In fact - I am absolutely sure!

I ponder,
My spirit threadbare and frayed:
“Which was the path to karmic dismay?
And which path must I choose today?”

“Focus on the Rede
As ye walk the precipice ~
others think ye weak-
judge what they can’t resist.”

I balance on the brink of something great!
Yet ‘tis very small for its tremendous weight

Gaea then says to me;

"The Path is ~ Follow Blue ~
Created by, for and of you..."

A sacred blue glass
To water spirit I pass;
suddenly it shatters...
As if that matters.

This was no accident.
No random chaos.
This was intent,
Control to the cost.

I await the nudge to send me into the abyss;
upon my spine I feel sensations of the kiss...

I feel no fear.
I release my tears.
As Gaea’s Dragon Blue
My totem Grizzly too

Give me hope and courage;
and reach me with their entourage.
Their love and warmth engulfs me ~
Consumes all my doubts within three...

Within three...

Within three...

The Rede of three…

Dimensions flicker in the breeze.

Refreshing me as nothing else can,
I regain my center, balanced I stand ~



With elements of four…

“Will I remember my name
or just the game?”

“As MoonChild ~
remember to keep your love alive!

Ye art powerful, positive, potent ~
in mundane and in magick!”

“Release thyself from reproach and disdain~
Thy karmic debt ~ 'tis fulfilled and in full; paid.”

As I become aware,
of my intense stare;
I hear myself say:
"Yes Lady, light my way.
As I follow Blue...
I today am renewed!"

“Lady, I am grateful,
And I humbly thank you!”

Forever True,
MoonChild of GaeaDragonBlue

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