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If You Really Think So

If You Really Think So
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“I don’t need to follow the new elections!”
Says the man to the camera’s reflections.
Using his hands to broadly indicate his world of due
“My pastor will ask God who I should cast my ballot to.”

“That way I do not need to take responsibility,
For the decision of an error in probability.”
“Besides we can trust our leaders to make the right choice,
And elect a ‘good fellow’ with or without my voice.”

As I listen to this man, forfeit every right he has,
I realize he’s not alone in this, nor is he the last.

Ignorance is total bliss they say
As they try to prove it anyway.
The newscast is predictable with sensationalism to the extreme
Functionally illiterate high schools graduate the American dream.

Our motto is “Don’t worry, be happy” as we quadruple our national debt,
Lowering our own standards as our ethics are ignored and very seldom met.

Generations of ignorance is now coming of the age
Like a Mescal tequila worm, madness is on the rage.
We have smart bombs, that only kill bad people now,
It makes us feel good to watch as they die in joust.

The dumbing of America is only the beginning of what they want
Global warming not a concern for the Armageddon will be what is sought.
What to do, what to do, slow this chaotic anarchy down.
Banning weapons of war and mass destruction would help no doubt.

Technology's information highway, today’s cyber space
Becomes our icon before our downfall as the human race.
"Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition, God’s on our side",
If you really think so, it’s time to kiss your ass good-bye.

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