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Passion Quest

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Passion Quest
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As the shadows show their essence
On my walls I hear thy presence
Of Gaea's Dragon Blue
Enlisted to pay due...

My eyes are veiled in mist.
Light of love I request.
Where will the trails of my passion lead?
Of what will my quest reveal to me?

Constant strength you have graced me with
Through the past and present I sift.
I with honor in my soul
Reach a pinnacle and know...

That I am as the earth I walk upon,
The water of oceans at break of dawn.
Motion singing and chanting on a bard's air
With the fire of courage I choose to wear.

My wings now guide me so gracefully.
Hope and joy emit colorfully
From and of my spirit of blue
Opening an ecstasy hue.

Awe, my music room glistens
As we intently listen
To the wind on the leaves.
Light flickers in the breeze,

Of the purest blue within white
On this electric~sacred night.
We really perform and manifest
Visions, dreams are Goddess blessed!

With internal heat
We saunter and weave.
Are free...
To be

Like Mother Moon

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