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Peace Within, Peace Without

Peace Within Peace Without
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Sometimes the loneliness is so very overwhelming
devastates my heart with emptiness so in sadness I sing.

I sing for all the love that has been lost.
I sing for all the dreams that have cost,

a price that is exacted, no matter what the worth.
I sob for the despair that has visited my hearth.

All things; thoughts, facts, and feelings, I know will pass
on their way to claim another soul, just as fast.

Mine own burdened, unprepared, and scarred soul of old
blossoms in the morning or is that in mourning, to unfold

the petals of my spirit for the warmth of the blue light
that seems so cold at times, though I know it's hot from insight,

this cycle has proven to me, many times with assurance,
winding through its everlasting, rolling dime of circumstance.

If only the pain did not cut deep,
maybe then, I could peacefully sleep

through the storm of emotions that pelt my essence
making it so difficult for me to keep the dance

of the center, grounding the trail in winding switchbacks.
Mother, please, comfort me on this journey of cross-tracks,

that all seem to be changing before I advance
enough to miss the next wave, as if I stood a chance

of over-coming my deep set fears,
amidst my hot, overflowing tears.

Maybe someday, this warrior will see victory
without loss of 'Self', in circular misery,

of a soul,
gone global,

in battles existing only within,
as I seek comfort, in shadowed din

of myself. 


Reaching for the light surrounded by mine own darkness,
with a heavy mist, creating friction, my air in sickness.

Again, serenity eludes my fumbling, weak grasp
slipping through my fingers like shattered glass.

Aye!  Is my path of a spiritual warrior
seeking the true love of another?!


Peace within.
Peace without.

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