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Sometimes, I just want
to feel alive again
I’m not even really sure
where I should begin.

Once more I loved the only way I know how
In complete candor, perfect love and perfect trust.
Nothing to hide; in Love believing without doubt
Or suspicion of your mutual level ~ no secret dust.

No holes barred, every
portal of my being
Loving openly
and transcending;

Because loving you
As I was meant to do
Was a dream come true
For this Dragon of Blue.

Planet Earth stopped for us,
As did time.
When we blended as twin
flames in rhyme.

Your betrayal and vindictive
harm with intent
Towards me and mine,
coldly served as meant,

Has left me with an emptiness
I cannot fill
Because you stole what was
Ours, as we, until

I lay as broken, sobbing,
Shredded and torn
Trying to deny that I,
Allowed a love to be born

Between us and too much
A fool to see
That all you really did
Was play me.

Sometimes, I just want
to feel alive again
I want to know where
and how to begin

To pick up the pieces left
Of my life and heal
The wound you wanted to be
Fatal so you could steal

That light behind my eyes
that keeps my spirit free
Of despair, subjugation
and a conformity

To this patriarchal society
Of mayhem and chaos
A force to be reckoned with;
Conquered because

You Could; as I gave
To you the opportunity
Revealing my weakest

A fool naïve enough
In “Love” to believe
Walking my Talk ~
Change I conceived.

Sometimes, I need to
feel alive again
I crave, I dream, I need
you my friend.

Why would you
deny divinity?
Why was our Love
not your serenity?

How could you destroy a love
Pure that could sing?
The most luminous music
ever heard to bring,

Magick for
An eternity
Of love between
You and me.

As one; we were the
Indigo flame.
Dancing, flying above
The mundane.

Together, we could have
changed the world to be
What it should have been
Long ago, perfect harmony.

Together as one force,
We are infallible.
Powerful because of
our honor; unstoppable.

Due to our might of right;
beneficial to all
Win-Win, without failure
To create the fall.

Sometimes, I just want
to feel alive again.
I’m not sure where or
how to really begin.

To pick up the pieces
that are left
My heart, my soul,
my spirit bereft.

I pray to all the
omnipotent entities
That we will meet in
Other realities.

Hoping you were mistaken
That this life was our last
To bring our love together;
Here and gone, too fast.

Sometimes, I just want
to feel alive again.
I truly miss you G, I love
you more my friend.

May Goddess show me the
Path I need to heal,
From the emptiness of
Your absence in the wheel

Of my life and the greater
Circle of the compass,
That spins in constant
Motion, always en’ mass.

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