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Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction
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Sometimes the truth is too fantastic to believe
Turning coats of lies into the ability to deceive.
Racing words of honesty falling on deaf ears
Assuming that the speaker ignores their fears.
Nothing gets past the blinders of the superficial mind
Geared to perceive reality is their own paradigm,
Enters and records what is seen as possible to conform
Reiterating history without thought of the coming storm…

Thankful that their sight is foggy with what they deem
Has to be truth, or a nightmare would become the dream,
Antagonizing one who speaks with honor and respect
Never recognizing the coat of lies as circumspect.

Fictitious stories are so easily created when they fit
Intermittently with pieces of what has been writ,
Consciously into a reality that does not exist.
Touched with a bit of irony to hinder the twist
Introduced with determination in a matter-of-fact display,
Offering no possibilities to resist in an organized array
Nullifying the extraordinary truth as nothing more than word play.

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