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The Color of Hunger
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H eated arguments shouted, bounced around
U ndercurrents of anger and hatred abound.
N o way to tell who might win,
G unfire echoed in the empty din.
E ntering the heart of a hungry one
R unning in full length motion.

H e died there in the cold alley-
U nderstanding far from his reality.
N othing could warm his heart of stone
G rossly inadequate in love and alone.
E scaped this hell with his death
R esting, he let go his last breath.

H unter became the hunted in a twist
U nder the cold November moon as the mist-
N estled into every heart and home
G iving all a cold chilly moan.
E asily death took her prey
R eaping what she had today.

H eal him? No one knew how.
U ncertain if they should till now.
N octurnal, he turned in desperation
G iving his life to find restoration.
E nduring the pain of hunger-no longer awake
R eaching his destination; his goal intake.

H unger, the many colors it finds..
U nited only in the body and mind
N ot caring how it destroys life
G oing on it's way to create strife.
E nergy it drains from the soul
R ivers of pain behind it roll.

H unger; only present as is allowed-
U nattended by those who can cloud
N otes of sound by those with no food..
G reedy power their goal; living rude
E nvision their complete control
R ipping apart our very soul.


There you have it, there it is and so it goes...


Author's Note:
The color of hunger does not mean red, yellow, blue, green and purple. It is the emotions and thoughts that are forthcoming when you are VERY HUNGRY. The young hungry one in my poem is the very essence of the color of hunger. Have you ever been hungry? Have you ever had to sleep on the cold cement and wished there was a cardboard box to insulate you from the cold concrete in 15-20 degrees below zero weather? Have you ever gone without a meal for days on end or had to worry about your family eating because rent costs $1000 a month and you make $850 a month for slave labor? Have you ever seen a woman who only wanted to be a mother and a wife try to raise four children on a woman's salary in the 1970's because the husband chose to beat his family, drink and whore around? Have you ever had to walk miles with holes in your shoes or no shoes at all? Have you ever been made homeless by one who was supposed to love you until you disagreed to be branded with his name right above your sex in derogatory terms? This is the color of hunger.

Those who allow it to happen are those who are the few and have the power to stop hunger, poverty and despair. Greed, power and the all mighty dollar are their goals. The others who allow it to happen are those who refuse to see it. They do not want to discuss it because it makes them uncomfortable and offends them. Don't you think that hunger, poverty and abuse makes those who suffer from it very uncomfortable and offended if not ashamed and feeling worthless? I have been offended by abuse, hunger, and poverty all of my life. This is the COLOR OF HUNGER. I have been there, have you?


The Color of Hunger

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