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Translucent Warrior Nine

Translucent Warrior Nine
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Trial by fire is how we learn.
Rapture captured at every turn.
Anticipation rewards curiosity.
Nesting internally with serenity.
Serious about the world's lack of love
Looking through paradigms because
Under it all I can ‘see’ that number nine
Cautions me to listen to a spirit that’s mine.
Equality is a reward, not a divine given right.
No thing can compare to another in the tight
Tormenting knowledge that all that is taken

Will now have to be returned to be given.
Archaic cultures were more advanced in science
Rendering life forms to appreciate the license
Regulated by faith in one’s self to feel the heat
Ignite and fill the soul with adrenaline as complete.
Organizing the trilogy in all aspects of being
Ready to forego the price of energy screaming.

Nine is three times three, triangular as in motion
Inter-woven with the tides of the deep blue ocean.
Neatly logical with raw emotion in passion extreme
Ever more the warrior of honor, integrity the dream.

Translucent Warrior Nine

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