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Visible Continually

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Visible Continually
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Many crossroads have I
forged these last eight years,
As several closures and new
beginnings are no longer fears.

But my
raw reality

Is present then departs
my place of the mundane
Floating in and out of
my paradigm to arrange

An awakening at a profoundly
deep level of consciousness
A reversed vertigo ascending
with sincerity and finesse.

I sing,
I laugh,
I bring,
Crying at …

All the love and despair that has entered
and left just as quickly from my universe
As if a golden moment was all I was allowed
to glimpse before coming around to first.

Places in time and space
have changed dramatically
As my world moves on
without me systematically.

There seems to be a
vortex of a void too deep
Where once was
glorious, sweet, calm sleep.

Uneasy with vibrations
while assuming sentry
To my own survival
without portals for entry,

Into the corridor that
moves me through
The intense emotion
and thoughts of due.

The laws of
abundance continue
To be aligned
correctly and true.

The balance of honor
is maintained
By the integrity and
still remains

The values that
defend the weak
The strength that
undoes the link

Of the wicked and
cold, still darkness
Created by the ‘once
born’ in the starkest

Of bright lights that
do not ever allow
The shadows to dim
what is here and now.

Mine own eyes do not
lie or deceive me
Nor do mine own ears
not listen to see

That the voice of the
forked tongue gets twisted
Around itself and
cannot conclude in misted

Air without the train of
thought becoming derailed
From it’s unstable tracks
and frequently failed

To convince my naïve
soul that all is right.
I tend to get defensive
and confront with might

What you and I know
innately from birth
No matter what we
learn at hearth.

Now another crossroads
is approaching
As I journey so very close
to my destiny

Which has been
pre-ordained by my fate
The choices I’ve
made, in love and in hate.

Coming is sorrow, conflict,
and detachment;
But also joy, friendship, and
warm enchantment.

Change is a natural law that cares
not for homo-sapiens opinion formed
Marching to the beat of it’s own drum;
with moon dances through storms.

How little we realize
what means most
Find we get caught up;
then try to coast

Through the turbulence
that we emulate
Like the symphony
conductor escalates

In rhapsody of a musical
scale in perfect time
Harmonizing at every
sharp and flat in rhyme.

Aye ~ Eat, drink, and be Merry--
For tomorrow we die!
Our time here is minute compared
To the planet and sky,

And the mountains, the trees,
the ocean deep and blue
A nano-second is all we receive
and we have no clue


What, or why, or
even think of when.
We are, we were
or what is meant

By the cycles of the
universe in motion
That spins on the
extreme of all emotion.

The crossroads are visible
again on my long journey
No longer are they a mirage
in the desert but continually

Are the reality of our paradigm
that shifts dimensions
Anytime we are not focused on
our own destruction~

May Peace
and Serenity
Finally Prevail.

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