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You Make My Heart Sing

You Make My Heart Sing
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When our lips meet in a kiss, soft and loving
It stirs a fever within me as I am wanting
To satiate a deep well of hunger for you
Stormy and furious, yet supple too

I’m so crazy about you and excited
With my senses ardent and delighted
By your maleness, your masculinity
Infatuated with your sensuality

I’m enthralled by your scent,
Pressed against you with intent
Inspiring a feral turbulence within me
An untamed passion with intensity

Compelling me riotous with obsession
Windswept with tempestuous devotion
Our bodies, minds, and spirits become one
The minute my eyes touch yours its begun

We are always trying to make time stand still for us
As we breathe and move as one in the melodious
Concert of our own symphony
Directed by our synergy

We have to make a concerted effort to pull apart
Like two magnets attached, two undeniable hearts
I miss you long before you need to leave
Loving you before and after the weave

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