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The Cauldron - Water


Element of the womb and gestation.
Giving birth and love without condition.

This the Faery did show unto me
whispering this brew of alchemy…

I arrive on the inner shores,
leading to the sacred force.

Water - this gift as it ripples
along its everlasting course.


The lure of ever changing emotion.

Always does it flow.
All it touches grows.

Through the inner priestess,
I gently taste of the eternal grail.
A quest of honor and naked truth,
that I as MoonChild shall not fail.

For I tire of the erratic
patterns of flood and drought.
Now I stand to face
these realties without self doubt.

Embrace thy inner magick!

Rejoicing in the mist…
        Welcoming the kiss
                            of the fog before the storm.
                                      For I shall not be torn!

        Between the element of dreams
                            and this mundane dance of themes.

Humbly do I accept
this present of the nurturer.
The emotional re-birth
of thy inner mother.

Churning with currents through
personal ritual and initiation.
Harnessing the power to realms
of peace, listening to my intuition.

It guides me through
this sacred spring bubbling forth.
Element of survival,
eternal hope and positive self worth.

Giving thanks to Faery
I drink libation to carry...

This message to the world.
Rejuvenate for it to see;
Value all life with tenderness.
So I will! So mote it be!

The Cauldron - Water
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