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In Conclusion:

The Silhouette


I listen to the beat of a distant drum
and spiral downward in meditation.
Descending to my beach of virgin white sand.
The ocean is warm licks my toes where I stand.

I soak in the essence of water,
taste the salt of this nectar.
My hand caresses a triangle stone
that I toss into the waves of foam.

For the elemental guide as a gift;
Seeking my sacred path of old, veil to lift.
I gaze in awe upon the ancient oaks of the forest,
through the lush green underbrush my eyes rest...

With a cry of delight
I suddenly sight
my white unicorn
with passion purple horn.

Peering at me
Shamanic he be.
With eyes of mystery;
Enticing me to believe.

Tenderly I stroke his great mane.
He knickers - calls out my name.
”MoonChild do ye wish a flight
Upon thy steed tonight?”

“Yes”, I cry with childish glee…
As I mount and become one with he.
We soar above the mountains - the trees
Rising above Earth in counts of three.

We reach the stars of the Milky Way
and then with the mind speak I say;

”Teach me the wonders divine eternal light!”
”Loose unto me the knowledge of sight!”
”Instill the wisdom of the ancients so bright!”
”For all that is good and all that is right!”

We ascend upward again
beyond the eclipse with no end.
We become one with this prism as it sends,
All that is and will be with many river bends.

For all life is of white energy.
True essence of virility.
Emanating power and strength in perfect harmony.
Nurturing softness and light with ingenuity!

We alight upon the great earth once again,
as we soak in the elements of our peaceful glen.
Our spirits are quenched for a time and we begin
our farewells to the forest and
earth’s creatures our friends.

Peace without.
Peace within.

My totem spirit the Grizzly Bear with me walks;
As I give thanks to Mother Goddess and
Father God for lessons taught.

Elements of Four I thank kindly too;
this journey along this path ‘tis always new.
I am novice to the ways of the Ancient Ones.
A lifetime of learning to seek balance and direction.

In the Mundane as well as in Magick...

I am...

Bringing harm to none --
Giving to others as they would unto me.
For all I do is
returned by Folds of Three.

Blessed be!

By the Power of Three!

So mote it be!

For I am MoonChild of GaeaDragonBlue

The Silhouette
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