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Gaea - Earth

Gaea - Earth P2
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Once again the drums I hear,
At ease with Self, I feel no fear.

My hand caresses my triangular stone
as I toss it unto the waves of foam.

Waters spirit receives this gift.
The veil between us for to lift.

This path I do embark upon
Senses heightened; begins the dawn.

I gaze at the oak forest of old--
Discovering tales yet to me untold.

Like the child and the he
that are one within me;
This land and I will one become
to enhance Self in motion.

The mountain stream--
countless are its rivulets.
Life force emanates,
sparks hitherto emit.

Strength and strife
for all of life!

This I must
feel and see!
Reveal this bridge
mine own to be!

We merge as energy
Gaea and Self in harmony.

Earth and Water
Emerge as Matter.

Fire and Air
Sustain with care.

This varied source of combustion,
simultaneous flow and conjunction.
Of not one - but two directions.
Conflict yet correspond connections.

Once again Self must surface in place.
Awakens above this time and space

Leave Gaea behind and in reflection...
Glimpse the tests of this exploration.

Self will ascend
the spiral of progression!
Growing ever closer
to the next dimension!

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