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Shamanic Steed 

Shamanic Steed 2
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A, E, I, O,U…
Move from one to two.

A-A, E-E, I-I, O-O, U-U…
From two to three think blue.

The ocean ye see before thine eyes,
as ye await the spirit to arise.

With a vision dancing through thy mind;
Releasing thy gift ye do find…

Thine own forest of old.
Where never are ye cold.

Then with eyes searching the quiet glen;
Thy heart and mind-sense foe or friend?

Ye do see through the brush,
as all becomes still and hushed.

A beautiful white unicorn,
with a passion purple horn.

Glistening in the reflection
of the lake...
He drinks with contention;
his thirst does abate.
His knowing yet innocent eyes,
find thine to contemplate.

How it might be that ye found this place?
        As he studies and measures thy face.

yet steady
ye approach.

Hand outstretched...
eyes locked
very close.

Chanting in clear voice...
stand beside him
perfect in poise.

Magickal and of the white light.
Ready he is for thy flight.

As ye feel his warm breath upon thy hand
ye stroke his great mane course as sand.

Ye hear his gentle voice,
grant to thee
this given choice.

To mount and become one with he
as he is thine own Shamanic Steed.

"Let it be,
known to thee
upon this day
that ye stay”

“Together we shall share,” said he
“The light and energy
that surrounds and binds ye to me
in magick and harmony."

The persistent tug of
the mundane reality,
begins to pull from
my sight subconsciously.

"For now ye must return
teach what ye have learned.
In empathy and concern
and upon thy soul in turn."

Shamanic Steed and I
shall journey again.
For we are now
the best of friends.

Thou art free!
        So mote it be!








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