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Totem Spirit

Totem Spirit
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Focusing inward to my minds eye.
In beats of three with an outward sigh.

Descending to my beach again.
Water spirit has become my friend.

Together we chant as I toss the stone…
Upward, at a slant I await to be shown.

A pristine meadow
along this path now grows.

At the trails edge there appears
a creature I should but do not fear.

‘Tis a grizzly bear
with earth red hair.

Alarmed at first to behold his girth!
Sizing his scent to measure his worth.

His eyes then meet and lock with mine.
Amber gold, deep and defined.

Speaking to me without a sound...
“Thy Totem Spirit ye have found,
to protect thee along thy quest
until thy spirit has come to rest.”

“With the Trinity light and dark
inner strength we shall spark!
From deep within and flowing out
knowledge ye keep have no doubt!”

“Now to the mundane ye must return
for thy next test, lessons to learn…"

"The Power of Gaea through the Sword of Fire,
enhancing thy stealth without desire.”

Then he did say unto me,
as my soul longs for more to see...

“Until we meet again my friend!

Peace without.
                  Peace within.”

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