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A Bard's Theme


Setting out on this adventure
Of our multifarious culture,
We find we like to frolic
aggress upon each other's politics.

Through song and poetry compose,
All we find to be lachrymose.
Do we wish to hear the sound
In mono-rhythm as we propound?


Laws meant for lawyers and money has,
Majority's rule is fading fast.
Almighty dollar leaves our leaders feeble!
Robs, scorns and cheats the common people!


In the early stages of gestation,
The sprawl goes on of conurbation.
Transforming our wilderness paradise
Into a city squaller of deceitful lies.


I do hereby to you beseech:
Before we are too late to teach,
Those with no hope in defeat
Our empathic hearts to reach!


Not for the monetary value paid for with misspent youth,
but of the beauty we create by giving love, our only truth!


Is it worth the motion of your might?
Can this we do, without a fight?
Shall we as a species finally see?
That we are ONE people…and can be free...


Of poverty, hunger, despair and pain!
For dirty we may be, we still retain-
The value to which we know is fair
And in our hearts sustain it there.


A reality of a race united…
Not of  fear between us and divided.
But the utopian paradigm realized now
Because Love of Life is our only vow.


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