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A program of Affirmations to repeat daily.  They wrote the first line, I wrote the 2nd

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Anxiety Relief




I choose to feel confident, relaxed, and calm…
my angst will be wrapped in a soothing balm

I am in control of my mind, my mind does not control me…
I am in control of my thoughts, my thoughts do not control me

I trust that any panic I experience will always pass...
I will pull myself together and give myself a chance

as is my will, I will my will to will
I will my mind and emotions to be still

I let go of fears, worries, and self-doubt...
releasing these to the universe in route

I am free of anxiety, now and forever
yes I will keep my act together.

I bring love into every aspect of my life
shining through rain, sleet, snow and ice.

I love myself and others without hesitation
my emotions and kindness always in motion.

I attract positive and caring people in to my life
Needing their touch of affection day and night

I am worthy of love and affection
all or nothing, I live a life of passion.

I am vibrating at the frequency of love
Like a summer sun below and above.

I am ready to forgive myself and others
All the haters, rat bastards and the fuckers.

Experience challenges new opportunities for growth
And will place, a space between, taking the oath.

I radiate calm and tranquility
yes, I do have the ability.

I bring joy to those around me
knowing I am happy to be.

I attract calm and relaxed people into my life
So that to my final destination I may arrive.


I am rewarded with new found clarity about my life's purpose
No longer do I wander around in complete and total madness.

I motivate and energize others by living my truth
No matter the obstacles, my life will run smooth

I exist in harmony with my highest purpose and path
I know who I am, what I want and have class.

My talents, skills and deepest creative impulses are perfectly aligned with my goals and desires
losing all self doubt as my cauldron has shown me the flood an drought of my internal waters.

I trust that the universe has incredible plans for me
Because I am a free spirit of light and energy.


I am a beacon of good fortune
My soul and I are in collusion

I resonate at the frequency of success
positive energy I channel and access

I am a magnet for wealth and prosperity
know the blue of light through ecstasy

I am charitable and generous
giving l find to be effortless

I attract new opportunities for financial abundance
which meets and greets my abilities in confidence

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