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A Dance to Chance


Surreal visions erotically charging the night
As we allow our fingers
In the moon and candle divine of the light
Dare we now linger?

Keeping our senses alive with passion
As we find each other deep in theta state
Keep it coming milord and I’ll keep crashin’
Into you as you come into me; ‘tis our fate.

You know our time draws neigh
Aye~ I can hardly wait
For I long to feel you sway
Masculinity for me to satiate~

Chaotic rhythms pulsate
Becoming one in harmony
Together love we invigorate
As our heat meets in intensity.

Like the beating of two hearts
By the token of one beat
We two together is where it starts
As we will finally in love meet.


Anticipating the greatest rite,
Of desire and then we two
Will see the Dragon of Blue in might
In every shade & hue of blue.


Dance with me, Milady?
Share thy essence with me Milord?
A chance to dance the melody,
A dance to chance blue fire’s chord …


My friend and longtime mentor, Talon Morningstar, wrote the first line of every stanza, I then finished it with the warmth we share in spirit only, for now. © Apr 2008, Maylynn Hughes

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