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A Thought on Life

To create, coordinate
and obtain a means;
To achieve our goals
Aspirations and dreams...

…Our given time-
Our frame of mind-

Must be synchronized
functionally realized.
Before the trine
And end of the line.

The harmony must be intricate
Sometimes disguised…
Delicate - so very fine
Three parts aligned.

The baseline must be bold
Always in rhyme,
To arrive strong yet unique
The essence of time.

Visualize, Seek to find
The Final End in Mind.
Then relax and unwind
Give to become one kind.

Abide the Natural Laws
of the Maiden of Nine;
And feel joy to drink
of the sweetest wine!

To share what ‘tis
we are so inclined;
For will return
as yours and mine.

Awe...Just a Thought!

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