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Almost Perfect

Almost Perfect
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As the artist admires
His carefully sculptured piece,
Hand blown glass
As he perceives ...

His Vision.
His Inspiration.
To near perfection.

As high as his knee,
Measured exactly three,
By three feet.

A masterpiece brought forth
To realize his dream's worth.

Valued far more than to sale.
Conversation about his art
Where to be a Bard’s Tale ...

“The color of Blue,
From pastel
To deepest of hue.

With a Dragon perched atop
This mountain of cobalt rock.

Chanting the Wyrd in Rhyme
Catalyst of the Times ...

To come upon the Age of Man;
Time moving on
Without return and

Healing that which Humanity
Has forsaken by insanity.”

“Their nightmares
Water, Earth and Air.

A means to justify an end
Despair ‘tis all they send.

Their infinite greed
Drowns the growing seed.”

He continues to admire
His life’s work that,
As oracle in the
Year of the Cat ...

Bespeaks of the Isle of Man,
Universal shifting of sand.

The energies flow
And in heart
He knows,

That he is blessed with sight
Of Blue within the Light.

Element of Four
The Fifth changes
Matter to more ...

“Human as to Human,
The reaper has begun
His collection.

Are his rewards,
For all debts incurred
Back and forward.


Balanced between the two.”

So Sings the Song
Gaea’s Dragon Blue


Author's Note: This pen was written to a challenge that left me to describe the man, his thoughts and his life's work that was graceful and full with a message as the oracle.

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