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A Witches Initiation
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Goddess I do welcome ye
Bring down the moon
inside of me
With my mate
so fine as he
Baring his soul
for me to see
seeking me
Secure in himself
as well with Magick
Faery blessed
and in tune with
and all that life is
Alive with fire
unable to resist
Bring unto me
the lover I will take
With a joyful aura
that vibrates
His phallus of length
and mine to abate
Body, mind and spirit
I yearn to satiate
Dear Mother Goddess
Father God
This I humbly beg of thee
The second day before
the full moon is to be
I give to thee my offerings
a libation of the sea
unto thee
Blessed me be with
the moons caressing light
For 'tis my dragonfly
I wish to alight
So Mote It Be
on this Magickal Night
Blessed me Be
to behold this Sight
By the Power of Three
I do invite and ask of thee
For to dwell within me
The Maiden - The Mother - The Crone
The Power - The Matter - The Mode
For all that I See
‘Tis what I Do
‘Tis what I shall receive
3 to the 3rd Power
Positive and Negative



((3 x 3 x 3)/3) – (3+3)) = (27/ 3)((3+3)/3) – ((3 x 3)/3))

A Witch's Initiation

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