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All Things Considered



She had survived a lifetime of
suffering by rape, beatings,
degraded and starved
Of all things,
Food the least that
she hungered for.

She had suffered the despair
of an ocean full of tears…

They tossed her aside after
slamming her face in the mud
then lifting her head by her
hair, kicked her in the teeth~

Left for dead,
considered weak due
to her compassion
and kindness.

She picked herself up,
rising above their hell and hatred;
defiantly she screamed
at the top of her lungs,


“I forgive you unconditionally!
I love you unconditionally!”

The words echoed in the silence
as they were spoken from the heart
and through the soul.

Their madness reversed,
turning 180 degrees


Upon itself
As they realized…

They had defeated her
in physical combat-
But had lost the war

As she was
Above their
Plane of existence

to a level they
could never attain
in this lifetime.

Keltoi Warrior walked the precipice,
for many lifetimes, and finally


Without the sword
Or combat to fight.

Her smile
at the quickening

Of her

Was of pure bliss in



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